How One Dog Inspired One Woman To Use Her Comedy To Save Pit Bulls Everywhere


If you’ve ever gotten to know a Pit Bull, you know what loving, goofy, charming dogs they really are despite all of the bad press they often receive in the media. That’s why we’re happy to highlight a series of events coming up around the United States called Stand Up For Pits!

The Stand Up For Pits Foundation was officially started as a non-profit in 2013 by the super talented and hilarious comedienne Rebecca Corry, but she has been doing the event for almost six years. Rebecca was inspired to do something after she adopted her own Pit Bull-type dog, Angel.

3Angel was rescued from the streets of South Central in Los Angeles, suffering injures such as horribly cropped ears, chemical burns on her back, what appeared to be a broken tail, and numerous puncture wounds consistent with bait dog injuries. She was picked up in South Central Los Angeles and taken to LA Animal Services where she was nursed back to health over the course of two months by some tremendous humans, two of whom Ms. Corry is now friends with!

Dog Inspired One Woman

When Angel was first rescued in 2014 (left) and after a month of care and healing (right) Ms. Corry adopted Angel AKA The Velvet Hippo (as she affectionately refers to her), and says:

Dog Inspired One Woman

“Angel is a gift and a light in this world, and because of her I found my purpose; and because of that purpose, many lives have been and will continue to be saved. Adopting Angel 7 1/2 years ago, I started learning about the horrors these dogs endure, and daily, I too experienced the ignorance and hate because of how Angel looked. So to me, having that knowledge and doing nothing about it would mean condoning it, and I do not condone abuse and discrimination.”