Abandoned And Left For Dead With Its Brain Exposed, This Dog Is Fighting To Live


Dogs are capable of springing back from many of their injuries in less time than it takes a human to recover from the same injury. No one knows why they have such an amazing healing factor, but it definitely makes it easier for them to recover from terrible ordeals and surgeries. But there are some incidences that require more than just love and care. Archie is a dog who was left behind by his owners, and no one knows why.

He’s a loving dog who doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Thankfully, the neighbors had been feeding him for some time, but no one knows what happened to this poor pooch.

He has a gaping head wound that requires serious medical attention before it’s too late.

He’s currently being fostered by Jessica White in the meantime, and has been asking for donations to help Archie get the treatments that he needs.