They Approached Their Lifeless Dog Lying On The Grass. What He Had Killed? I’m Shocked.


After battling for several hours against four mountain cobras, a brave family dog has died. In Bhubaneswar, India the Doberman stopped the four cobras from entering the house of his owner Dibakar Raita of Sebekapur village. The dog was guarding the front door, and when he saw the cobras, a fierce fight began.

The dog managed to kill all of the snakes before dying from the poison he got from being repeatedly bitten. Dibakar had just gotten the Doberman a few months ago and is very saddened by his loss. He said that his entire family will remember the sacrifice the dog made for the rest of their lives.

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Hundreds of people came to the village, there was a funeral procession for the slain dogs, and floral wreaths were laid on his body. Thanks to the bravery of this dog, all eight of his human family members were saved from harm. SHARE this brave pup’s story with your friends.