Police hunt person who left dog muzzled with thick rubber band for 10-14 days in ‘extreme act of animal cruelty’


Police in Florida are trying to track down the people responsible for picking up a missing dog and muzzling its snout with a thick elastic band for between 10-14 days, causing horrific injuries.

Liberty, a pit bull mix, was reported missing by her owners on July 12 in Plantation.

A dog matching her description was then seen in an older model black vehicle on July 17.

By the time Liberty was found and rushed to Coral Springs Animal Hospital, her jawbone was exposed and part of her tongue was missing


dog muzzled



dog muzzled



dog muzzled



dog muzzled

Veterinary doctors estimate she was muzzled for between 10 and 14 days.

They quickly clipped off the thick rubber band from around her snout, which they say could have killed her.

‘The minute we clipped it off, she took a breath and was like, finally,’ Heather Wessel, a Certified Veterinary Technician at the hospital, told CBS Miami.

‘I don’t know how she survived with something clamped,’ Wessel said.

‘How did she eat for all of those days? How did she drink water?