This Will Change How You Look At Your Dog. Dog Owners Must Watch This.


Every dog owner must watch this, and I truly mean EVERY one! An incredible poem about your best furry friend that will change everything you do with your dog today. One day your dogs heart would stop beating, and you’ll wish you had one last walk together. So make the most out of the time you have, be silly, do whatever, jump around, your dog is forever a child. Your dog is a selfless creature incapable of negativity. This world is full of selfish people who don’t realize how lucky they are to have dogs that are dedicated to loving and serving you. All the dogs asks is throw a ball away from them.
So, remember one day your dog will day. As sad as this fact is, one this day comes, will you able to say you have done your best After that day, Can you let your dog run Your dog has to be a dog and explore and smell around. Even if they got messy, wait for them. Some day your home will basically become a house without your dog. One day, all you’ll have left is pictures of your dog. You dont do what we really want due to the fear of upsetting strangers.

Ever since your dog sets eyes for you, their whole world became you and their goal is to make you happy, to make you proud and to give you love. Your dogs purpose is to give, give and give again. Although the life of a dog is considered short, it has a lot of loving to be done. Sadly, One day its happy tail will stop wagging, one day his perfect heart will stop beating, one day you will wish you had one last walk together, one day your dog will die.
To be honest with, I cried during the video till the very end of it. But, at least, it opened my eyes to a truth I’ve been denying about my dog and living with fear from that day instead of doing the best I could before that day comes.
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