Dog scared by fart


For anyone who has ever experienced the true joy that comes with having a puppy in the house, this hilarious little video will hit right at home!

The video is simple enough: the man behind the camera realized that his adorable little puppy was utterly exhausted after a long day of running and playing. Before he could even get him to his little doggy bed, this guy collapsed into a little pile and fell asleep instantly.

The man picked up his camera and just knew that he had to capture this adorable little moment; the dog seemed to be in the middle of quite a surprising dream!

While we’re not sure what exactly it is that dogs dream about, there are certainly some decent guesses out there. From chasing a thousand tennis balls, to running around in a field after herds of large rabbits, dogs always seem to be thinking about something interesting, and this little puppy is no different.

But suddenly, this little dog is woken up by a sound that no one was expecting to hear! A mysterious fart that came out of nowhere rips this little puppy out of dreamland in less than a second! A fart!

While we can’t be sure if it came from the dog or from someone else off camera, one thing is for certain: if it wasn’t this adorable little puppy who let out such a noise, whoever did do it will definitely be blaming the poor little dog! Even with the surprised look on his little face, someone out there is going to blame him for the deed.