Things You Do That Your Dog Secretly Hates


Sure, there may be times when your pup drives you up the wall, but did you know there are things you do to drive your dog crazy? Here are a few seemingly innocent things that could be irritating your dog.

5Hugging your dog.

Dog Secretly Hates


Hugging innately seems like one of the best ways to show your dog you care. There is no denying that some dogs may love, or at least tolerate this form of physical affection. However, on the whole, well…not so much. Hugging is not a mechanism dogs use to bond or socialize, so you wrapping your arms around him is a foreign concept. To them, having arms wrapped tightly around them can be interpreted as an attack. In fact, in cases of canine aggression towards children, many of the cases stemmed from children not understanding the dog’s personal space.

If you are one of millions of dog owners who is convinced their pup loves hugs, pay attention to their body language. Do they stiffen up? Look away from you or lick their chops? These are all signs that they are not comfortable and should be released.