Dog Shook With Fear When Rescuers Tried To Help Her


Every week, the American association Hope For Paws makes our day just a bit better by sharing an amazing dog rescue story with us.

And this week, it’s the story of Eden, a tiny Pit Bull girl who was shaking frantically when Eldad Hagar and his team came to rescue her in a garage in Los Angeles.

Julie, one of Hope For Paws’ volunteers, had spent weeks trying to earn Eden’s trust, but she had no luck. The terrified Pit Bull would constantly run away from her.

In the end, the team ended up having to use a soccer net to catch the poor dog. In the traumatic footage, the terrified puppy is desperately howling and growling to protect herself, and her screaming is truly heartbreaking.

The poor girl was petrified, and she couldn’t stop shaking. Anytime they tried to approach her to gently stroke her, Eden would lash out in fear.

Slowly but surely, she managed to calm down and Eldad was finally able to pet her.

After a few minutes they got her into the crate and she relaxed… It was as if Eden knew her life was about to get a whole lot better.

“You can actually see in her eyes the relief when we got her into the car. Her whole facial expression changed and became more relaxed,” Eldad Hagar told The Dodo.

When she arrived at the hospital, the vets confirmed that she was in good health. She was just in need of some proper love and attention.

It was there that her loving personality started to come out. She couldn’t stop kissing her rescuers, thanking them for saving her!
Eden has been put up for adoption and is now waiting for her forever home with a loving foster mummy. She loves giving kisses and cuddles and playing with soft toys!

Look how happy and affectionate Eden is with her foster mom! She’s nicknamed the sweet little girl Addy.

If you’d like to adopt Eden then please contact Chews Life Dog Rescue. You can also help support the wonderful work of Hope For Paws by donating to them here.

Watch the footage of her stressful rescue here, it certainly had a happy ending: