Family’s Young Dog Shot And Killed When Police Entered The Wrong Home


Mistaken identities are usually played off with a bit of a laugh and some apologies on both sides, but this story unfortunately didn’t have a happy ending. When the sheriff’s office in Lucas, Ohio was contacted in regards to a suicidal woman, they immediately responded. However, they ended up going to the wrong home and encountered a nine-month old dog at the top of the stairs.

The dog, Zeus, who was a mastiff-rottweiler mix, was shot and killed by the deputy who entered the home. He was a beloved member of the McGregor family, who now have t mourn one of their own during the holiday season. When the mother was contacted by the police about the call, she granted them permission to go inside and had informed them of Zeus and his gentle disposition. Unfortunately, the police had already encountered the dog and had already fired upon him.

Such a sad tale of the wrong address, and though there’s nothing that can bring Zeus back, there is hope that the McGregor family can find the justice they’re looking for. Please share this post with your friends…