Dog shot two bullets in his head and buried alive survives


Shot twice in the head and then buried alive: Phoebe, the dog who cheated death twice

Two-year-old buried up to neck in dirt outside vacant home in Tampa
One bullet pierced her forehead while the other entered under her eye
Luckily they only damaged soft tissue and she is not brain damaged
A dog has made a miraculous recovery after being found buried up to its neck in dirt outside a Florida house with two gunshot wounds in its head.
A county animal services officer was greeted by two sad brown eyes peering out of the ground when she arrived at the vacant property in Tampa to rescue the pit bull-cross.
One bullet had pierced the animal’s forehead and exited through her back, while the other entered under an eye and left through her neck.
Her head was bloodied and she was dangerously thin, but was remarkably friendly after being dug out of the earth and immediately bonded with her rescuer.
Sgt Pam Perry, investigations manager at Hillsborough County Animal Services, said: ‘This is sick. ‘If they did this to a dog, they’ll do it to another dog, a cat, a child or a person.’

He said no shell casings or bullet fragments were found at the scene, although it is believed a small-caliber weapon was used. According to The Tampa Bay Times, the wounds only damaged soft tissue and Phoebe suffered no brain damage. But she did require four days in the emergency clinic to treat her injuries and the effects of her malnourishment. The two-year-old weighed just 30lbs when she was found compared to a healthy weight of 50lbs. An anonymous caller claimed to have heard three shots shortly before Phoebe was discovered in Deerfield Drive on October 29. Perry said the suspect may have been trying send a message to animal services because investigators had rounded up a number of ‘dog-fighting’ animals from vacant homes in the Clair-Mel neighborhood in the days before Phoebe was discovered. The sheriff’s office also arrested 25 people during an operation on November 9. Another dog was found at the property in Deerfield Drive earlier this year, this time tied to a carport. Perry said animal cruelty was endemic to the area, but was confident there elements in the community who wanted stamp out such activities. Phoebe will be put up for adoption when she has fully recovered.