Dog Walks Into A Store With A Hilarious Christmas Mission In Mind!


It’s sad when some people have to resort to stealing during the holiday season because they can’t afford the expensive gifts for their family. No one wants to show up empty handed on Christmas Day, and will take any means that they can to find the perfect presents. But no one seems to mind this little thief who helped himself to the perfect present, and many people are even laughing at the incident.

Cue the security footage of a large, fluffy dog meandering into a store. One may think he’s just a lost, stray dog trying to get in out of the cold, but this pooch is definitely on a mission. He seems to know where he’s going, as he ends up in the pet aisle and helps himself to one of the rawhide bones sitting on a shelf. Then he books it out of there before he can get caught. However, he is stopped by the manager on the way out, who tells him to drop it.