Poor Dog Wanted To Die So He Went In This Basement, Then He Heard Them


Warning: Graphic images in this post. Viewer discretion advised.

This is a story of a dog called Jerry who was so gravely injured that he gave up on life and just wanted to die than suffer all the pain that he’d been through. With no plans of moving or seeing life, this dog silently crept in the basement of an unidentified shop and just collapsed there. Then suddenly he heard foot steps.

A rescue group in India called the Animal Aid Unlimited, got the news that a dog needed their help and he needed it now, more than ever in his life. As soon as the rescuers found him, they were shocked to see an extremely severe wound on his head which was already infected with bugs from the basement.Dog Wanted To Die

The poor dog could only hope that he will be fine again, but seeing his condition, he had given up. When he saw the rescuers approach, he lay motionless because he wan’t sure what they were there to do , but when he realized they were harmless, the poor dog raised his head in consent…

Dog Wanted To Die

The rescuers knew that they had to gain Jerry’s trust and the only way to do it was by giving him some treats. The dog somehow knew that he was going to be fine, no matter what he had gone through, there was still life and he wasn’t defeated.
Dog Wanted To DieIt took the rescuers 9 weeks to help Jerry’s wound heal…

Dog Wanted To Die

Then when the wound healed, Jerry was back to being his old self Dog Wanted To DieInstead of the basement, Jerry in now in the arms of an animal lover, feeling all the love that he has forever missed out on

Dog Wanted To Die

Check out Jerry’s incredible rescue story below!

Thank god for the rescuers to find Jerry on time, we can’t imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t reached there on time…Although you are in India, our people around the world are offering their prayers for you Jerry…you be strong!