They Thought Their Dog Was Dead, But Months Later THIS Is What They Saw On TV


Have we told you that destiny has funny ways? Well, this is yet another example
The story is about a couple who lost their dog in a fire, or so they thought until they saw him on TV.

Meet Gage, who was rescued and treated for 3rd Degree Burns when he was found astray byHumane Society of South Mississippi one fortunate day. In fact, Dr. Jennifer Griffin of Happy Tails was immediately ushered when Gage needed hydrotherapy.

After all, that crazy near death experiences of whatever the fire did to his mind and body, this guy came out almost fit as a fiddle!

When destiny wants to prove something, it will sit on your face to catch attention sometimes. Because, even when the burnt patches were still bubbles, Gage butt wiggled and wagged his tail every time one of his many fans circled around with some bonus belly rubs.

And soon … Gage became the rockstar of the shelter!

Gage started feeling much better…
Then one day when Gage’s magical recovery hit the local news, as you can see in this video.
His previous mommy and daddy saw this video too.Unfortunately, they couldn’t take him back as they had lost their everything in that terrible fire too. And, Gage will be put up for adoption next month. We sure hope that this fur ball finds his forever loving home soon.