This Dog Was Forced To Live A Horrible Life, Watch How He Lives Today


This is a story of a dog called Gremlin Von Cocopuff and he was rescued along with 49 others dogs who were all living in terrible conditions. Gremlin before he was Gremlin was into dog fighting. Yes and you know how dogs who fight are kept? They’re completely neglected, sometimes they’re left with little to no food and I’ve head that dogs who cannot fight maybe because they’re injured, are…put to sleep on the most brutal manner.

Gremlin was lucky enough to be rescued along with 49 other dogs and he’s now adopted too! Yes his mommy says that the moment she laid her eyes on him, that very moment she knew he was hers.


Gremlin may have been a fighter but after finding his forever loving home, Gremlin turned from a fighter to a playful puppy!