Dog Watches Cartoons in Bed And You Will Be So Jealous


We all need some rest and relaxation from time to time, and this cool canine is no exception. Remember the days when all you wanted to do on a Saturday morning was hang around in your pajamas and watch some cartoons? Well this dog, Chiko, is having one of those days! He looks completely mesmerized by the screen as he watches his favorite show, Tom & Jerry. He also looks super cozy in his outfit. Guess humans aren’t the only ones who like snuggling up with Netflix on lazy days. Take a look for yourself and try not to feel jealous of as this dog watches cartoons!

Chiko isn’t the only dog who’s feeling lazy today. Here’s another precious pup who stays completely calm and collected as squirrels come and steal his tasty snack. Instead of guarding his food, the dog watches as daring squirrels approach him and begin munching away. Even the squirrels seem surprised by their luck, so they decide to stick around until they’re full. Either this dog is friendly and likes sharing, or he’s just too lazy to react. Regardless, the video is very cute. Check it out!

Some dogs may be lazy, but not this fit furry friend! This fluffy dog looks super happy as he exercises on the treadmill. He’s moving at a swift pace, but his owner still needs to occasionally remind him how to use the treadmill properly. Yet he corrects himself immediately and continues his workout with a huge smile on his face. Who knows—maybe he’s training for a doggy marathon. Guess some pets don’t even need to leave the house to get their fitness for the day!

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