Surrendered Dog Wraps His Paws Around A Woman’s Leg, Begging Her To Stay


This dog was surrendered without an explanation on this Tuesday at the Collin County Animal Service in McKinney, Texas and you could tell from his face that he was frightened. The woman who surrendered the dog said that she found him wandering and hence brought him at the shelter. But as soon as this woman was about to leave, it’s like the dog knew she was leaving him, he quickly wrapped his paws around her leg, begging her to stay.

But sadly the woman couldn’t take the loyal 65-pound gorgeous Great Pyrenees and Australian shepherd mix home, neither could she stay. She walked out of the door, hoping that the poor dog would be treated well. Now I don’t understand why the dog wrapped his paws around her leg when the woman says she just found him wandering? It seems like the dog knew her…

Take a look at this photo and you decide

The shelter has set up a temporary kennel to support these dogs because they’re full and they don’t want to euthanize any of them. If you or anyone you know is willing to give this poor dog a second chance, please click here. Share this post with everyone you know.