These Dogs Are So Independent They’ll Blow You Away With Their Clever Minds!


Taking care of a pet can be like taking care of a child. That must be why these moms and dads have decided that their pets should learn to take care of themselves and do some chores around the house! Yes, you heard that right, this video is all about dogs who are independent, and can take care of themselves.

And the video is so amazing, we want to start this trend everywhere! These dogs can do so many things for themselves, such as get their own drinks of water, help themselves to the food in the refrigerator, let themselves outside, open doors, and even take themselves for a walk.

If only we could figure out how to teach them to mop and buy the groceries, the old adage about dogs being man’s best friend would come one more step closer to becoming very true! Share away, people!

Take a look at this video!