This Baby Went To Use The Dog’s Bed. What The Dog Does In Response? HA HA!


It’s no secret that babies and dogs are extremely cute when they play together, but not everyone knows just how kind some family pets can be.

Lea is a sweet and gentle Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dog breed is actually known for their affection and calm demeanor. Her owners have a toddler named Alfred who loves to play with Lea. They have a cute relationship and often share territory in the house.

One day, Alfred decided to steal Lea’s dog bed from her and instead of getting angry or upset, Lea actually picked up her blanket so that the baby could climb onto the dog bed and she would lay on the floor next to him.

The parents happened to capture this adorable and rare moment on video and shared it for everyone to realize just how sweet some dogs can be.

A lot of people have hesitations about letting big dogs and small children play so closely together, but this special interaction proves that the two very different family members could be the best of friends.

It’s truly amazing to watch how the dog’s calm personality comes into play when the baby takes over its beloved dog bed. It’s easy to see how the dog actually encourages her friend Alfred to explore the bed that she wanted to lay on.

Below is the link to this charming little interaction between the toddler and the dog who is twice his size: