When Dad Demands His Seat On The Couch, His Dog’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!


We all have our preferences; favorite food, shirt, or a favorite cozy chair or sofa we like to lay back in. It’s something we hold dear to our hearts, it provides comfort, or perhaps brings us happiness – and many times it isn’t something we would share voluntarily – with anyone or for any reason.

The dog in the video below is called Milo, and he is enjoying some leisure time on ‘his’ couch and his owner wants it.

Milo makes it very clear that the fact is, he was there first and he just wishes to be left alone. It’s a well-known expression that possession is nine-tenths of the law – so, obviously Milo is perfectly within his legal rights to claim ownership of said couch! Milo has the couch all warmed up, and he’s trying to get some much needed rest.

Take a look at the video below to hear his powerful argument against giving up his rightful place on the couch: