These Dogs Wag Their Tails Even Though They Were Starved To Die In An Empty House


For Guardian Rescue Crew, saving dogs from horror and death is an everyday incident, never better in order. However, a recent case was one that goes in the hall of fame of rescued dogs. On reaching, the crew found two pit bulls, left alone in a house abandoned by its previous owners.

Dogs Wag Their Tails
The male pit bull was, found in a crate while the female freely roamed around in the empty locked house, as Frankie Floridia, the director of Field missions for the rescue team of Long island announced.

After confirming that the barks were coming from the empty abandoned house, the neighbours called the rescue team. The dogs have been, saved from malnutrition owing to the food the neighbors fed through the open-window.

Encountering dogs with stress and trauma is dangerous to the host and hence Floridia approached the dogs gentle although the male dog was reluctant initially.

Needless to add, the dogs became relieved and happy the moment they were unleashed and showed the same by wagging their tales and licking the crew with joy.

Dogs Wag Their Tails

Both the dogs are very amiable with the crew and seems that they just had a tragic episode of fate. Floridia added that animal cruelty is a common offense that people do not care enough for the same today.

The crew has named the girl as ‘Sky’ and has found her loving forever home in her first weeks of being put up for adoption, while the male is still awaiting one, alongside his foster family.