Woman Who Duct Tapped Her Dog’s Mouth In September Convicted


Twice recently, people have put up a picture of their dog on their own social media after they had duct-taped the dog’s mouth shut. This is not only dangerous for the dog, and mean, but causes the dog to fear or hate humans. Thankfully though, there is some justice in the world and at least one of the two people responsible for the two separate acts will be facing judicial punishment.

North Carolina woman Kimberly Ann Howell was sentenced to 18 months of probation, and a heavy amount of community service. The other North Carolina woman, Katharine F. Lemansky of Cary, is still due in court and faces possible jail time or a heavy fine.
Take a look at this picture

Duct Tapped Her Dog’s Mouth_compressedThough both women claim that the action was not intended to harm the dog, at least one judge so far has thought otherwise. Please share to inform more dog owners that this is not OK.