Dying Dog Found In The Street Finds Strength Enough to Wag Its Tail — Then a Miracle Happens


There is something to be said for the spirit of dogs. Even in the worst of times, even when they are staring death in the face they can show positivity and we can all learn something from them, especially this dog. When they found her, she was collapsed on the street after failing to have enough strength to stand. She was suffering from canine distemper which is often fatal for dogs. Still, when they walked up to her, she had enough strength to wag her tail.

With that, there was not even a question Animal Aid Unlimited (India) had to act and save this poor girl’s life. After two weeks of IV fluids she finally started to eat and walk again. No surprises that when she was all better, she was the happiest and friendliest dog you will ever meet. I definitely teared up a little bit while watching this. Thank goodness for all the animal rescues around the world who continue to do great work every day. Make sure you share this story to spread the word!