How This Dying K-9 Officer Is Honored Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


K-9 officer Argo also received the last radio call that announced his retirement on his deathbed. K-9 Officer Argo is a German shepherd who has served the Sherriff’s office for 7 years of stellar service to KPD. This is the tale of a Czech dog, Argo, who sacrificed his entire life and skills for serving the human community.

Along with kisses from all his loved ones, Argo calmly bid farewell to the world at the farewell ceremony held at the Sherriff’s office, Hidalgo County in Texas. Argo was, sidelined with bone cancer and was terribly in pain when his beloved partner decided to free him of the horror the easiest way. This farewell ceremony was, held to honor his zillion criminals sniffed to court, achievements, presence and love.