This Man Is Recording A Story. But What The Horse Does Behind Him Has Me Dying Of Laughter!


Everyone likes to see it when a TV new anchor loses control on live television. Sometimes the tiniest slip of the tongue can send them into hysterics! They try to be professional on camera, but sometimes they have to think fast on their feet! Reporters who go out on candid interviews or to report the weather are often thrown off guard by people and the elements.

The reporter in this video is trying very hard to cover the racehorse – but the horse has other ideas! The man tries and tries to get through his monologue, but the horse wants to play! At one point, the reporter’s shirt has a wet spot on the shoulder – is that horse drool?! When the horse finds the reporter’s ear, he can’t get anything done!

Take a look at this video!

I wonder how long they tried to get the story done? Looks like everyone had a good time, even if the work didn’t get done! Share away, people!