For 3 Weeks This Elderly Elephant Stood In The Same Spot, Now WATCH Who She’s Waiting For!


The elephant is one of the most intimidating animals there is, but they are also one of the most social animals too! Elephants are very social animals and they have been known to make friends with animals that are much smaller than them.

This is one such story, an elephant named Tarra and her very best friend, a dog named Bella. Bella just happened to show up at the sanctuary one fine day, and that is when Bella and Tarra began their extra special friendship together.

These two pals would sleep, drink, eat, and even play with one another even though there is a huge difference in their sizes. They had been best friends for about 10 years when Bella hurt her back badly, so the sanctuary determined it would be best to keep Bella inside the office where they could care for her around the clock.

Bella was in the office for three whole weeks. And during those three weeks Tarra stood right outside, waiting for her bedridden friend to come out again.

Take a look at this heartwarming video!

Have you ever seen such adorable friends in your life? I just love them and how they interact with each other. Tarra is so careful around Bella, and you can really tell she realizes just how small Bella is compared to her.