Its Desi The English Bulldog’s Birthday, But Watch His Reaction To His Cake!


Desi the English bulldog is celebrating his birthday, of course, but there’s one problem. His mom lit his cake on fire! Although that’s what the butterball thinks! He has no idea what to do with the burning candle so he tries to intimidate it to see if maybe it’s run away or something! Now birthday candles are a human thing and dogs really don’t know what to do with them. Instead of knowing to blow the candle, they think that their food is on fire!

Of course the reaction of this English bulldog is just epic, I think we should all be happy he didn’t start saving his house by pouncing on his cake to douse the fire! Can you imagine what the reaction of his mommy would be if he did that? Wait, don’t imagine, here’s what could have happened!