Exercises For Pitbulls


Disc dog is just one canine sport that can help your pit bull get enough exercise. A bored pit bull is a destructive pit bull, or, at the very least, a mischievous one. Pit bulls are a high-energy breed and need daily exercise and mental stimulation. They can live in apartments if their owners are willing to take them on daily outings on a leash, but they do best in homes with yards to play in. Pit bulls that aren’t given an outlet for their extra physical and mental energy can develop inappropriate habits that include destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing and shredding. They may also bark or whine for attention, or find other ways of entertaining themselves, such as getting into garbage.




Daily walks on a leash are an essential part of a pit bull’s daily exercise routine. Not only do walks provide physical exercise, but they can stimulate your pit bull’s intelligent mind as well. Walks allow your pit bull to get out of the house and experience new sights and smells. This is a good chance for socialization, as it can come across strangers and other dogs. This type of mental stimulation can help keep your pit bull from becoming bored. To help your pit bull burn off extra physical energy, take it out for at least two 30-minute walks a day.

Jogging, Hiking or Swimming

Pit bulls are sturdy dogs that can endure more demanding physical exercises such as hiking, jogging or swimming. This is good news if you are an active owner. Take your pit bull jogging with you in the morning, or head up to a trail for a long hike. Toss your pit bull’s favorite toy into a pond on a hot day and watch him swim out to retrieve it. All of these activities can present a physical and mental challenge for your pit bull and help it release its extra energy.

Competition Sports

Your intelligent pit bull will love the chance to get physical and mental exercise through further training. If you have already completed basic obedience, sign your pit bull up for a sport training class. This muscular breed often excels at weight pull, but can also compete in rally, agility, dock diving or disc dog. These activities will continuously challenge your pit bull mentally and help it to get the physical exercise it needs to stay fit and healthy.

Structure Play Time

Pit bulls are affectionate dogs. They crave human attention and love spending time with their families. You can show your pit bull the affection it desires by playing with it every day. Games such as tug-of-war (which your muscular pit bull will love) and fetch can help wear your dog out and give you time to bond. Games such as these also allow your pit bull to practice instinctive behaviors such as chewing, hunting, chasing and shaking. When you play with your pit bull you give it an appropriate outlet for these instincts and save your house or yard from future destruction.