Officer Goes On Routine Call … And Ends Up Falling In Love


This is a story of a little dog somewhere in Florida, a dog who’s life had just begin, but it was already looking dark. This dog was dumped on a very cold night at the porch of the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society(PAWS), where he almost froze to death. But thankfully a police officer dropped by and this dog won’t ever be alone, ever again!

Officer Marcus Montgomery was responding to an unrelated call at the shelter when he came across this dog and they instantly connected with each other! As soon as the officer help the pup in his arms, he immediately curled up! The officer and his girlfriend have therefore requested to foster and adopt this little one

Take a look at these images Falling In LoveFalling In Love

This officer has also fostered and adopted a pit bull from PAWS called Vader, so they know the entire process and have the experience. They will name their new puppy Kylo! Share away, people!