Newborn baby falls into the pool. Then family dog saves the day


Patricia Drauch was walking towards the house, when she suddenly realized that Stanley, her 14-month-old baby boy, wasn’t following beside her. Immediately, she panicked and sprinted towards the backyard. To her absolute horror, Stanley had fell into the pool, and he started to drown.

However, as Patricia observed more closely, she realized that Stanley wasn’t floating in the water on his own. Instead, Bear, the family dog, was balancing his baby brother on his back so he couldn’t sink any further, refusing to move until Mom reached and rescued baby Stanley. Their loyal black Lab had jumped into the water behind the toddler and prevented Stanley from drowning!

Patricia frantically drove her son to the local fire station upon pulling him out of the water as she noticed that Stanley wasn’t breathing. Firefighters tried to revive him, and they rushed the boy to the hospital. Fortunately, he was released later that day.

It’s not the first time a dog has saved a baby, and we’re certain it won’t be last. Dog are truly amazing animals who have an innate sense to protect.
“I’ve always told Bear growing up, ever since he was a pup to just watch over his babies,” says Patricia. “I’ve always told him that they were his babies.”