Does The Public Fear Pit Bulls? Aggressive Dog Breed Social Experiment!


The media loves to paint Pit bulls as a violent, vicious, and aggressive breed that should be avoided at all costs.

It is a fact that Pit Bulls are one of the most maligned and misunderstood dog breeds in the world.  Ryan from Hammy TV set out to document how the public react to walking a pit bull compared to an Australian shepherd. How they react may surprise you.

MYTH: Pit Bulls are all inherently vicious.

Fear Pit BullsReality: This is a stereotype that is biased toward generalizing and condemning an entire breed based on the actions of a few bad people. The truth is that each dog should be evaluated by his own merits and not by his breed. A corollary truth is that there truly are no bad dogs, only bad people. In his essay Troublemakers, Malcolm Gladwell discusses what Pit Bull stereotypes can teach us about the wrongness of racial profiling of both humans and dogs.

Watch the video below: