They Couldn’t Find Their Pit Bull Dog Herbie Anywhere, Then They Saw This


This is a story of a pit bull dog called Herbie and how she gave her family the shock of their lives when she disappeared one morning. Yep, she disappeared, but when they found her, they couldn’t believe their eyes. This pup has fallen in love
with a horse called Jabby! What a choice, right? I mean that horse is ten times bigger than her, but I guess love is blind, and this post proves it! So here’s where you will see Jabby planting a kiss in Herbie’s muzzle and from then on the kissing and cuddling begins! This is true love, unconditional in every sense and it’s quite rare too. People say pit bulls are dangerous and vicious, well, what have you got to say about this then? This is the most beautiful love story I’ve ever seen!

Take a look at this video below (PS. video has music, keep it down a little!)

Did you see that? Incredible isn’t it? I know!! I loved it.
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