Firefighters Rescue Puppy From Flames And Provide Lifesaving Oxygen


When the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne, Australia, responded to a house fire in their area, they were quick to make sure all occupants were out safely. Once the flames were successfully extinguished, the distressed homeowner was still panicking. The reason? Her small dog, Angus, was nowhere to be seen.

She begged the responders to take another look inside for her four-legged-friend. Fearing the worst, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they found Angus hiding underneath a bed upstairs. The poor thing was clearly terrified by the experience and searched for a safe place to wait it out. If those firefighters hadn’t responded so quickly, Angus might not have been so lucky. As it was, the little guy only suffered from a small amount of smoke inhalation which they immediately treated on-site with their oxygen masks. Just like this pup from Michigan, the amazing work of these dedicated responders made sure this already tragic event didn’t get any worse. It’s one thing to deal with the loss of your material possessions and the memories attached to them, not to mention the damage to your home, but to add the loss of a family member would be too much too handle. Hopefully this cutie stays right where his parents can see him from now on.

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