Fluffy Polar Bear Cannot Swim, But She Accidentally Fell In Water. See Who Rescued Her!


This polar bear cub was still learning how to be a proper polar bear, you know one who swims and all, this little fluffy cub didn’t know how to swim, but she wanted to impress all her visitors! So she goes close to the water and returns back, with no intention at all of jumping in. Her mommy tried to tell her to keep away from the water, but you know kids…looks like she was about to learn her lesson the hard way.

This one time she slipped and fell inside and in just seconds, even less than that, really, her mommy came running to save her cub! Yep she just dove straight in and then pushed her baby up and this time she warned her not to get close to the water! This is Kurumi, the mother and milk, a 4 month old cub!

Take a look at this video below!

Motherly love, no matter what species, is an incredible thing, you know. They may be females, but when time comes, they can become The Hulk! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends