Nico The French Bulldog Doesn’t Want To Confess, So He Does This Hilarious Thing!


Okay let’s just be fair here. When you were little, didn’t you chew your pen? I bet you did! I chewed pens and pencils too, and you know why? Because they’re intimidating, yeah, that’s why! So I bet this is why Nico the French bulldog chewed his person’s pen too, but should he admit that hes guilty? How about yes and no? That’s exactly what this adorable fur ball did when he got confronted!

So his mommy is asking whether he chewed up the pen and Nico, who’s front paws are inside the house and back paws outside, behaves like there’s no one at home! LOL. Yes he literally just takes one paw out and then behaves like no one’s watching him and slowly he disappears! Yep he’s guilty alright, but you can’t stay mad at a pup so adorable, can you?

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