The Funniest Pet Food Ad You Will Ever See!


Funniest Pet Food Ad

Christmas is coming , and with Christmas coming many companies are taking advantage of it by making commercials about their products using Christmas themes to get their products to sell more in this time of the year, as always this is the time people buy a lot of stuff (some of which they do not really need ) and all the companies are going into a race every year.

Most of the commercials we see are _and let’s be honest here _ a waste of time, they have no creativity or beauty in them to make you actually go to get the product, but the one we have here is nothing like them.

This Ad made by Freshpets, a company that is on a mission to bring the power of fresh, real food to dogs and cats. Andthey are claiming to be committed doing so in ways that are so good for our pets, for people and for the planet.

They are also saying that At Freshpet, the dogs and cats aren’t just pets. They’re part of the family. And as our families choose to eat fresh, less-processed foods, we thought it made sense that our pets should too..You’ll only find it in the Freshpet fridge. Just fresh meats and fresh veggies, and no preservatives.

So, what is the fuss about the video then ?! let me tell you first that it’s a really funny video, so get ready for laughing out loud, this awesome ad has 13 dogs and 1 cat. Let’s see what they are doing there!!

The video is about what seems at first like a normal family gathering , then you could see that actually the people in the clothes are not ordinary people, they are 13 dogs around the table with one cat that is sitting at the end of the table, they are all sitting eating (using human hands ) like any normal family, with all the family members you would find, the old wise guy with the glasses, the guy that is staring at his phone and the guy that is hiding forks in his shirt! LOL!

The ad is very sweet and I have to say that it is well done and well played, also we should mention that the some of the dogs in the video are actually available for adoption from the Humane Society which also helped in the video .