German Shepherd Dog With Short Spine Found As Stray Has Loving Heart


There’s a reason that dog breeding is left to the professionals who care about the condition of the dogs that they’re bringing into the world. Irresponsible breeders are only in the business for a quick buck,  and throw away the results that don’t meet their standards.

That’s what happened to this poor German Shepherd who is named Quasimodo for obvious reasons. quasi-4_compressed

He has Short Spine Syndrome that results in the shortening or complete lack of any neck to speak of.German Shepherd Dog

The condition is so rare that there are only thirteen dogs in the world that have it. It does cause a twisted spine that can cause other problems with internal organs.German Shepherd Dog

The rescue that took him in, Secondhand Hounds, estimates that he’s about five years old, but despite his condition is still a sweet and affectionate dog.

German Shepherd Dog

Quasimodo definitely has a unique look, and although he may not be able to do all of the things normal dogs can do, that doesn’t stop him from being happy and playing around in the yard with the shelter staff members.

We want to introduce you to someone SPECTACULAR. This is Quasimodo. He is a purebred German Shepherd with Short Spine Syndrome. He is a friendly, wonderful, sweet boy who is one of thirteen dogs in the world with this rare condition. We are SO excited to meet him and welcome him to our Secondhand Hounds family.We love our special cases. And we love to keep you updated on these unique, amazing animals that we fall so deeply in love with.We hope you love Quasi as much as we do!

Posted by AnimalTube on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

He’s quite calm even when he’s in the X-Ray machine, waiting to see what the results of his spine and if he’ll need any additional treatment. Quasimodo is now in a foster home and is being cared for while he continues to be assessed by the shelter.German Shepherd Dog

In time, we can all hope that Quasi will be ready for adoption soon so that he can experience the love and care that any dog deserves. Share away, people.