German Shepherd Saves Her Foster Mom From Fire


Denise Default loves her German shepherd, Lexi. Unfortunately, right now, Denise can’t take care of Lexi. The pup’s owner, who lives off her disability check, was evicted from her home and now lives in her truck. The poor woman decided that Lexi couldn’t live in these conditions, and decided to look into temporary foster care.

That’s when she met Cecelia Patterson, who offered to help. Cecelia took in the loving pup, described as very “vocal” and expressive, always conveying her needs. But it was this highly expressive bark that Cecelia says saved her house  and even her life.

On New Year’s Eve, Cecelia was settled in her home, when the German shepherd started barking. Lexi wouldn’t stop until her foster mom got up to go outside with her. Luckily, the pup’s insistent and urgent barks were a warning for her to get out of the house, because when she walked out, she saw that her shed had burst into flames. It had been hit by a rogue bottle rocket.

Firefighters arrived in time to save her house, but she was told the chilling news: if she had waited just a few seconds later to call 911, her house could have turned into a pile of debris in no time. Denise isn’t surprised by Lexi’s bravery. And Cecelia says that Lexi has a home for as long as she wants to stay with her!