Giant Fluffy Dog Just Wants To Be Held


Have you ever had a day when you just really needed a hug? Well it looks like this giant fluffy dog wants some love! Despite his massive size, this adorable dog loves it when his owner holds him. Watch as she gently rocks him back and forth—he looks so relaxed! We’re impressed that she can carry him. It must be all his fluffy fur that makes him look huge. Take a look at the video, but make sure to prepare yourself for a cuteness overload!

Want to see more fluffy dogs? Check out this AFV video featuring another little fluff ball. This cutie sure is talented! In the video, she dances and plays a tiny toy piano. It’s the perfect size for her! We can’t get over how fluffy her fur is—check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Still haven’t gotten your fill of fluffy dogs? Never fear—we have more! In this amazing AFV video, watch as another adorable and fluffy dog helps out by doing some chores! In the video, the dog helps his owner by mowing the lawn. Who knew dogs had such awesome landscaping skills! This video is sure to make you laugh. Take a look!

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