Giant Panda Has An Epic Reaction To The Blizzard…Now Going Viral!


Pandas have been considered precious by the rest of the world, ever since their numbers started going down. Trying to increase their populations have been difficult, and it’s a treasure whenever a new baby panda is born. They seem mostly slow, but when they start to play, the whole world takes notice.

The National Zoo in Washington D.C. presented a video to the world of their resident panda, Tian Tian, playing in the snow after several feet had already fallen from the winter storm. He rolls about and flops into the wonderful soft snow, tossing it about in his huge paws and relishing in the cool sensation of it against his skin.

He’s definitely showing us how to have a good time instead of hunkering down under the blankets where it’s warm and dry. Perhaps we could take a note out of Tian Tian’s notebook and explore our more playful sides this winter.