If You’re Only Going To Read One Thing Today, Read This.


Getting a new dog can be the most thrilling thing in the world. There are new experiences to be shared and a life to build together that will shape the rest of your days. But no one expects they’re ever going to have a story to share like this one. A man took home a labrador puppy named Reggie, and things between them were a struggle at first, as they usually are with new puppies.

The man had just moved into town and was still trying to adjust to this new life of his, as was his pup. The shelter gave him a two-week training period with the pup to see if they would fit together. At the end, he was ready to return the pooch when he found the box with all of his stuff, including a letter from his previous owner.

Take a look at this letter

Going To Read One Thing


It turns out that Reggie used to belong to Paul Mallory, a soldier in the Iraq war who’d died saving three of his friends. In the letter revealed the biggest secret of all, and managed to unlock the lab’s heart for his new owner. Share away, people.