Golden Retriever Puppies Play In The Snow With Their Mom


This little video clip is dedicated to everyone who has a childhood memory of begging your mom to take you outside to play in the freshly fallen snow, and her reply was “soon,” and you longingly sat by the window watching the snow fall and eagerly awaited your chance to go romp and play.

Boon is the “Mom” to this lovable litter of 7-week-old Golden Retriever puppies, and she most definitely should earn the “Best New Golden Mom” Award for mustering up the energy and excitement to take those adorable little puppies out for their first playdate on a snowy mountain-top somewhere in Northern Vermont.

This scene is so much fun to watch, you’ll wish it would continue for another few minutes— and it will probably make you wish you could pull on your snowboots and head on outside to join them: