Pit Bull Mom Hopes Silly Videos Of Her Dogs Will Show The World How Great Shelter Animals Really Are


This pair of pit bulls will gladly ham it up, in exchange for biscuits.

“Sookie and Ivy love to wrestle so sometimes I dress them up while they play,” says their adoptive mom, Jannina Laaksonen. “Neither of them mind being dressed up. I always make it a fun experience with lots of rewarding treats!”

It has almost been a year since I posted this! What do you guys want to see Sookie and Ivy dress up as? #fbf

Posted by Sookie and Ivy the Pit Mixes on Friday, October 3, 2014

Laaksonen, who recently moved to Rockport, Massachusetts, to live with her fiance, spends time concocting new mise-en-scènes for the dogs and sharing the results on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. A post from last year, for example, features a video of the pups “reenacting” a scene from “Jurassic Park.”

She says she hopes that people who admire how cute Sookie and Ivy are will decide to rescue a pet of their own. Perhaps even a dog as blocky-headed as these two.

“I try to catch photos that portray them in a goofy, fun way. Through sharing photos and videos, we’ve had people tell us that they’ve grown to love and adore pit bull dogs,” Laaksonen says.

And who could blame them?