This Is The World’s Toughest Guard Dog Who Can Run Up Walls


This dog is quite possibly the toughest dog known to mankind.

Ace is a three-year-old pitbull, and there is very little that he can’t achieve, including scaling buildings and entering them through windows.
Guard Dog

He is so highly trained by DarkDynastyK9s that he can recognise handguns, and upon sight he will attempt to disarm the carrier. 

Trainer Marlon Grennan described being hit by the force of Ace as ‘like you’re getting hit by an 85lb missile’.Guard Dog

Ace is actually cousins with another of DarkDynasty’s prize guard dogs, Hulk.

Hulk is the world renowned 175lb pitbull that can barely fit on a sofa, but seems to have a soft soul when he isn’t in guard mode.

Up walls, up trees, through windows, and with a bite like a mechanical vice, I pity whoever dares to cross this canine wonder.