This Dog Might Have Lost All Her Paws, But She’s Still The Happiest Pup On The Planet


WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion advised. The meat market in South Korea has been a target of recent news, as the horrible stories that are involved with the treatment of dogs has many people screaming in outrage. Some of these stories would turn your stomach, but this one involves more suffering any anyone should have to endure. Chi Chi was a dog who had been found discarded in a trash bag to die.Happiest Pup On The PlanetThis wasn’t just a dog that no one wanted anymore, this was a dog that had been thrown away by the meat market.

At only two years old, she was bound and hung upside down so that her meat would be more tender. She had been left like this for so long that the bindings started to eat through her skin, exposing muscle and bone underneath.Happiest Pup On The Planet

Chi Chi was found by ARME when she’d been thrown away after being deemed no longer fit for consumption because of her injuries.Happiest Pup On The Planet

What looked like a dire situation quickly became Chi Chi’s salvation.

She was brought to a vet hospital to receive care, and although they couldn’t do anything to save her legs, she was still as plucky as ever.

Happiest Pup On The Planet

Even with all four of her legs removed, she continues to move around on just her bandaged stumps, chasing balls and toys to keep her muscles from atrophying.Happiest Pup On The Planet

Her spirit has definitely rebounded a thousand fold.

Happiest Pup On The Planet

Soon, she will get her own prosthetics, custom-made for each leg, so that she can get around even more easily.

Then it will be time for some rehabilitation on her new legs, and then going to her new forever home in Arizona.