Hero Dog Survives Gunshot Wound And Saves Family During Home Invasion


There are many benefits to having a pet, especially a dog. Dogs can help us reduce stress and stay calm, which is why they’re often enlisted to be therapy pets. But they can also save your life, no matter how big or small they are. Just check this pup who saved his owners from a house fire, orthis sweet creature who saved a mom and her kids from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning!

Now a couple is thankful for their dog, Leon, who saved them from a home invasion. Masked individuals startled Leon’s owner’s wife, who screamed for her husband to get his gun.

But before he could reach for it, Leon was already protecting his family. He jumped to shield the masked men from the couple, and the men fired back with their guns. Leon successfully chased away the robbers, but not without consequences: he had been shot in the head.

The couple rushed Leon to emergency care, where he was quickly stitched up and saved. The bullet did not kill him, but the pup’s owner is sure that it could have.

He tells WDAM, “It’s a wonder he isn’t dead, but if it had been over just a little bit, I’m sure he would have been.”

Now, Leon is slowly recovering, and his owners couldn’t be more thankful for their best friend.