A Teen Immobilized By A Car Accident For 40 Hours Is Alive Today Thanks To His Amazing Dog!


Today’s star of our story is a dog called Sako, the King Shepherd who put his life on stake to protect his brother. When 16 year old Philip Garcia, his aunt, friend and his cousin went for fishing and potato picking, they never knew that this was the last thing they’d ever do together. When the kids were coming back, their car skidded down a dangerous hill and fell 325 feet below into the forest, and only Philip and Sako survived.

When Philip woke up, he was smeared with blood all over… his bones were jutting out of his body. Seeing his dog Sako alive made him forget his pain, but when he realized that he had lost the others, his hope crushed.  At nightfall, when Sako and Philip were about to doze off, they suddenly heard terrifying howls of Coyotes and slowly the howls got closer…