They See A Homeless Dog, But When They See This With Her, My Heart Broke


This is the heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of a homeless dog that was found at a college campus. The homeless mommy dog had just given birth to three pups, and Hope For Paws, an organization dedicated to help strays in need, was contacted in attempt to help the pups and their mom out. The selfless rescuers first tried to lure the dog out with cheese burgers from their dire condition; their home was a trench in between two nets.

After catching the mother dog, who they named Dottie, they calmed her down with soothing words and loving petting before leashing her and proceeding to rescue the pups, who they named Ivy, Pumbaa and Timon. They were then brought to a vet, but unfortunately, Ivy had to be put down due to a serious medical condition. It was heartbreaking to see the last moments Ivy and her family had together.

Luckily for them, Dottie, Pumbaa and Timon were sent to a caring foster home where they were properly fed and cared for, with a new place to call their home. This just shows that a little thought can go a long way, especially when it comes to helping poor strays like Dottie and her pups. To adopt them, please visit Doggies911Rescue. Share this with your friends too…