This Homeless Pit Bull Lived Close to Certain Death. Now Watch How These HEROES Save Him.


Our friends at Hope for Paws have done it again. This time they rescued a poor homeless pit bull who was all alone and afraid, and living way too close to the busy freeway. It took them two tries to finally get the lucky leash on him, but when they finally did they realized how SWEET this boy is! They named him Veyron, and although he was pretty nervous at the beginning, a nice warm bath calmed him down.

We are so grateful and glad that organizations like Hope for Paws are working hard to put an end to dog homelessness and abuse. These creatures won’t hesitate to give us unconditional love, so it’s awesome that volunteers like these take their time to give some of that love back to them.

Have you ever thought of volunteering at your local shelter? We’re sure they could use the help!