Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Pit Bull Would React

They Didn’t Know How The Pit Bull Would React To Her New Home-Then This...

Smack’s first adoption fell through, and they weren’t sure how the pit bull would respond at her new forever home. But when they saw this reaction
Scottish Fold

Duslo The Scottish Fold Sleeps In The Kitchen To Keep An Eye On Food!

This is a story of a Scottish fold cat called Duslo and Duslo’s decided that if there’s one place he’s going to sleep in, it’s going to be in the kitchen among the aromas of the food that’s being prepared
Cat Wakes A Bobcat

A House Cat Wakes A Bobcat & Their Reactions Are Priceless!

No matter how domesticated cats have become, they still hold the essence of their wildcat ancestors
Family Lost Their Dog

Family Lost Their Dog on July 4th And Them Reuniting With It 7 Months...

You’ve been warned, this video has been known to cause all the tears. Though it will make you cry, the message it conveys is so important
Military Mom

She Hasn’t Seen Her Military Mom In A Year. When She Realizes That It’s...

We often hear about how military families struggle when a loved one is sent overseas to war. Husbands
Dad Walked Into

Dad Walked Into The Room And Caught His Daughter Doing THIS With The Dog

So that’s what tails are for! Dad walks into the room and catches his daughter uses the dog’s tail to paint her latest masterpiece
Everyone Loves Animals

The Most Hilariously Real Reasons Why Everyone Loves Animals

Animals make every single day better, you can’t deny it! Even if you don’t have a pet yourself, you’ll enjoy this compilation

Police Dog Fired For Being Too Friendly Gets New Job As Greeter

A German Shepherd puppy who was to be trained as a police dog has ended up with a different role after getting
Stray Pit Bull

Stray Pit Bull Asks For Help After She And Her Newborn Puppies Get Rescued

Rescued off the streets, a stray Pit Bull placed her paw on Eldad Hagar's lap and started to whine


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