Her Husband Got A Dog Thinking It Might Help His Wife With Alzheimer’s, And When They Meet…AMAZING!


June’s husband Bruce, thought of a wonderful way that he could help her out with her Alzheimer’s. He did some research on Alzheimer’s dogs and looked for one that he thought would make a loving and helpful companion for his wife. He found the perfect one in Sadie.

Once Sadie passes the test and is able to find her way back home without help, she finally gets to meet June. June was so excited to meet her new friend, the friend that will help her to find her way back home if she becomes confused.

June has been eagerly awaiting the day when she could welcome Sadie into her life, but first Sadie has to pass one more test. Is Sadie the right dog for June? Are Sadie and June going to get along? Will they bond?

Find out what happens when these two meet in the video below: